New Blogs and Naked Ladies.

Poor painters would paint whatever they had close to hand, a bowl of fruit, colourful flowers, sexy naked ladies… I guess the reason they were painters and not writers is that there is only so much you can write about, for example, an apple. (As for the naked ladies, well, a picture speaks a thousand words anyway, right…?).

Being unemployed and poor, I am also not very good at painting, and so my abundance of apples and flowers is fairly useless. Plus, it’s been done to death by now anyway. Ok, so naked ladies never go out of fashion, it would seem, but I find them harder to get hold of… All I really have to draw on right now is running. And a bit of cycling. And so, to avoid filling my marketing and people management orientated blog with completely unrelated stories from the single track, here is my training and fitness blog. Pain and anger. Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s really quite cheerful. Like being savaged by a puppy. Sure it hurts, but look how cute it is!


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